Buy cheese online now in the webshop from Old Amsterdam Store

Are you a Dutchie who lives in a foreign country? Or are you a foreigner who has experiences the taste of true Dutch cheese and doesn’t want to live without it anymore? Whatever the reason is: the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store ships their cheeses worldwide. This means you can enjoy a piece of true Dutch cheese all over the world. Isn’t that great? You can just buy cheese online and they will ship it to your country, with guaranteed quality. 

Guaranteed quality

The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store ships their cheeses worldwide against great shipping ranges. Also; they can guarantee the quality. That’s because they ship their products in strong cardboard boxes and use cool packs. Curious about what the shipping range for your country would be? Fill in your destination country on the checkout page and you will find out what your shipping range would be. 

Different types of cheese to buy online 

Of course, in the webshop of the Old Amsterdam Cheese store you can buy the true Old Amsterdam cheese online. But that’s not all. You can buy different sizes and types. There are different types of cheese, such as Gouda Cheese, goat cheese and sheep cheese. 

Cheese tasting Amsterdam 

Do you live in Amsterdam or are you planning a visit to the capital of The Netherlands? Then make sure to go to a cheese tasting. During this one hour cheese tasting a true cheese expert will tell you everything you want and need to know about cheese. You will taste five different cheeses with suiting wines. The wines are selected by a true sommelier. During this cheese tasting there is an interactive quiz. At the end of the tasting the winner of the quiz gets a nice present home. This cheese tasting is not just informative, it also a great way to start off you dinner or activity with your friends, since it’s every day at 5 o clock. 

Curious? Take a look at the webshop here.